Director for Khamir

Khamir invites applications for a full time Director of the organization, Khamir is an organization for the crafts, heritage and cultural ecology of Kachchh region in Gujarat. It is a space which nurtures the economic and creative empowerment of artisans and associated livelihood practitioners. And works as a platform for engagements and innovations in Kachchh’s rich craft based creative industries. The Director is expected to be based n Kachchh. Remuneration will be based on the qualification and experience of the applicants.


Program Leadership
Develop and build on the five program planks of Khamir – Ecological Resources & Green Technology in artisanal practices, conservation of craft cultures, development of value chains, design & innovation, education, and business facilitation of all Khamir’s programs. The director would ensure that each of the programmes are led by qualified anchors, and are adequately steered in their respective roles and activities.

Capacity Building
Lead and motivate the team by creating a nurturing organizational environment and the space for strengthening abilities and capacities of the Khamir team. This would involve identifying learning opportunities for the staff, ensuring participatory review processes, partnering training institutions and ensuring finances for the same.

Establishing local, regional, national and international linkages/partners- hips/collaborations with craft and design institutions, government departments, technical research and academic institutions, cultural centres, as well as external professionals in the field of art, craft, ecology, design, fashion, community development and technologies related to specific programs.

Post graduate in Arts, Cultural history / Textiles, Handicraft or Handlooms technology, or Design. Being a Cultural Entrepreneur in craft, Ph.D or in any of the above subject will be an added advantage. The applicant must have 12-15 years of organisational experience in the field of Handicraft or Handlooms, or in the field of Cultural Conservation. This should include at least five years of experience in a position of leadership. Must have an ability to be a team player with a collaborative approach. Should believe in the equality and equitable principles for all species, faiths, gender, castes, and communities. Excellent communication, networking and entrepreneurial skills expected. Creative Management and organising abilities, the ability to fundraise and work alongside experienced professionals is required.

Mr. Harish Hurmade, Governance Manager


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