Kachchh Ji Chhaap Exhibition 2013

Kachchh ji Chhaap
500 Years of Batik and Block Print, An Exhibition at Khamir
7 December 2013 - 15 March 2014

Khamir invites guests to uncover the life, character, and craft of the Khatri block printing community at our exhibition titled "Kachchh Ji Chhaap"

The journey of the Khatri block printers is printed in a series of narratives that mark milestones and challenges. The exhibition features both traditional and modern hand printed textiles made in Kachchh. Each textile in the collection comes from the local artisans and traditional user communities. Select masterpieces juried by a panel of distinguished scholars and artists are displayed and auctioned at Khamir as well as our website. Alongside the exhibition, interactive craft workshops led by rural and urban artists for children and adults are being held at the Khamir campus. Several films will be screened on campus which chronicle the personal histories and processes of printers from all over Kachchh.

Kachchh Ji Chhaap has been put together by the Khatri block printers and the Khamir team.