Curated Exhibitions

At Khamir we have the privilege to work closely with artisans and witness first hand the work, dedication and love that goes into a craft. Experience has proved that the better a person understands the process and history of a certain craft, the more they will appreciate it. A major part of our mission is building this awareness of craft with the general public. Each year, we develop one curated exhibition that is focused on a specific indigenous Kachchhi craft.

Craft exhibitions are often about either selling or admiring exquisite pieces in a museum. At Khamir, we try to hone in on the details that do not often reach wider audiences. Our exhibitions traverse many routes. We look not only at the process of the craft itself, but also at the lives that support it, and the influences that it expresses. We explore the history of the craft, as well as the perspectives of younger artisans just starting out, or those who have left the livelihood for a time and are returning to it now.

Kachchhi craft traditions are old, often ancient. The endurance of such traditions is not assured, nor is it straightforward. It is the logistics of such endurance that Khamir works with in the day-to-day. Our exhibitions bring these ideas and challenges to a wider audience, so that more people may experience these oft-unnoticed details for themselves.

Khamir exhibitions are on display at our campus in Kukma during the winter season, typically between December and March.

Current Exhibitions

Ghadai by the potters of Kutch

Past Exhibitions


Kachchh Ji Chhaap: 500 Years of Batik & Block Print


Bandhani of Kachchh: Ties across time


Textile Legacies from Kachchh and Sindh