All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association (AIACA)

AIACA partners with Khamir to improve health and safety conditions for Indian textile workers and develop eco-friendly textiles. The Effluent Treatment Plant in Khamir's dyeing unit is supported by AIACA's Switch Asia Project.

Friends of Women’s World Banking, India (FWWB)

Friends of Women’s World Banking, India is a premier financial institution formed to support small entrepreneurs, particularly women. FWWB aids Khamir through a loan under its LEAD program. It also supports Khamir's work with Kala cotton.


While Prof Neelkanth Chhaya has designed the Khamir Campus, Hunnarshala has constructed it using its rammed earth technology. Hunnarshala initiated the “crafts in architecture” focus in Khamir's approach and supported this initiative through a seed grant and technical expertise. Hunnarshala provides support on other allied programs undertaken by Khamir such as effluent treatment of waste water from small textile craft units.

IFFCO, Kandla Unit

IFFCO has been an associate of Khamir's since its inception. IFFCO helps Khamir with small funds for artisan development, welfare activities, and promotion of craft products as corporate gift items.

Mr. and Mrs. Dushyant and Ami Dave

Mr. Dushyant Dave is a Senior Advocate, practicing in the Supreme Court of India at New Delhi. He and his wife Amiben are long-time supporters of craft and artisan development. They have supported Khamir with an education fund for artisan youth and through a grant for curated exhibtions for crafts.

Sri Dorabji Tata Trust

The Sri Dorabji Tata Trust has firm commitment to empowering the financially weak or socially backward sections of society. The Trust has supported Khamir through its NGO grant initiatives.

Suzlon Foundation

The Suzlon Foundation has supported Khamir for many years. Today, the foundation provides funds for Khamir's leather and pottery craft development projects.


Confederation of Indian Industries
The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of industry in India, partnering industry and government alike through advisory and consultative processes. CII played a key role in Khamir's founding by providing a seed grant for its campus and activities.

Government of Gujarat
The Khamir Campus was built through the Government's initiative to build craft parks in earthquake-affected regions. The Nehru Foundation for Development (NFD) and Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan (KNNA) applied jointly to the Government for funding, which proactively responded to the proposal. This has resulted in the beautifully designed eco-friendly Khamir campus as a craft facility for the region.

Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan (KNNA)

Being the Kachchh promoter, Khamir & Abhiyan have come together on common causes related to Kachchh crafts, local issues, and events. Through Khamir, Abhiyan routes and supports all its crafts-related initiatives that require a common platform.

Nehru Foundation for Development (NFD)

Khamir has partnered with its promoter NFD along with its sister organizations VIKSAT and CEE to showcase Kachchh crafts at exhibitions and conferences. VIKSAT shares an office with Khamir in the campus, which has led to common synergies like campus maintenance, waste management systems, common programs, etc.



KHAMIR collaborates with Dastkar and has participated in many of its national-level craft exhibitions.


Khamir is the Kachchh partner for Craftroots, promoted by Gramshree as a common platform for the crafts of Gujarat. Khamir and Craftroots collaborate together on varied craft development projects in the region.

Indian Institute of Craft and Design

The IIDC has assisted Khamir with design projects and special programs, and regularly places students at Khamir for internships.

Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan (KMVS)

KMVS links groups of women garbage collectors (Sakhi Mandals) to create a local supply chain for Khamir's Plastic Recycling Project. The KMVS supported Sur Vani, an association of Kachchi folk musicians collaborates together with Khamir during common cultural events.

Matruchhaya Kanya Vidyalaya

Matruchhaya Kanya Vidyalaya supports KHAMIR's Plastic Recycling Project through education and waste collection by its students.

Pahal Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Pahal Financial Services works with Khamir as a platform to provide microloans to artisan enterprises.

Paramparik Karigar

Khamir has a long history of partnering with Paramparik Karigar for its exhibitions in Mumbai and Pune.

Parle Products Ltd.

Parle Products helps Khamir by providing materials for the Plastic Weaving Project.


Sahjeevan currently partners with Khamir on its recycled plastic and camel wool projects, as well as other educational programs.


Satvik collaborates with Khamir to create market applications for the organic cotton grown by farmers in Kachchh. They were instrumental in setting up Khamir's Kala Cotton Initiative.

Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

Khamir and Srishti are collaborating on education and design programs which would be of service to the Kachchh region.

Suzlon Energy Ltd.

The local Bhuj office of Suzlon Energy Ltd. supplies Khamir with waste plastic materials for the Plastic Recycling Project.